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The International Association of Radiologists

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Selected for their accomplishments, experience, and consumer ratings, members of the International Association of Radiologists are leaders in their field, and a patients first choice.

Members are hand selected through extensive research, and invitation is granted only to those doctors who have made a difference in their hospital, practice or community. Each year the IAR publishes The Leading Physicians of the World.

It is here where our selected radiologist's professional biographies are featured, and then distributed to thousands of medical professionals, healthcare institutions and consumers from around the world. Inclusion into the International Association of Radiologists is a tribute to ones professional achievements, and opens up a wealth of opportunities for those doctors who are selected.

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Among being a high honor in the medical community, the IAR is a resource for patients looking for a radiologist in their area. Through multiple mediums both published and online, the IAR has established relationships with numerous magazines, organizations and hospitals, assisting consumers in their search for a great a physician.

The International Association of Radiologists is a unique organization, recognizing the brightest mind in medicine. As an absolutely free service, the IAR is responsible for placing thousands of people in the hands of the right doctors. With unparalleled capabilities in marketing and networking, the IAR is quickly becoming the most acclaimed and recognized resource for consumers and physicians alike.